[Marxism] Tomorrow's demonstrations against Turkish invasion

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 26 09:53:28 MST 2018

Despite some reservations, I'll be attending the demonstration in 
Amsterdam tomorrow protesting the invasion of Afrin. I understand there 
will also be demonstrations in numerous other cities, and in particular 
a very large turnout is expected (according to the authorities) in 
Cologne. I should also mention that the Turkish community here largely 
supports Erdogan and they have been trying to get tomorrow's 
demonstration banned (pointing to "the terrorist PKK"), and there is a 
very real fear of them causing violence at the event.

The call to the demonstration (English version below) is problematic in 
several ways but that doesn't detract from the importance of standing 
with an oppressed nation under attack, regardless of their own past 
actions. The posts on this list have been valuable in laying out those 
contradictions. I am particularly perturbed that they (quite justly) are 
calling for a no-fly zone over Northern Syria whereas when the same call 
has been made to protect those areas against bombing by Assad these 
folks denounced it as a ploy to involve the imperialists in a "war on 
Syria." Now they are calling on the Netherlands and NATO (I didn't read 
any appeal to the international working class!) to come save the Kurds. 
But although these contradictions supply plenty of fodder for discussion 
among ourselves, we need to put the immediate defense of the victims 
first and resist the temptation to "get even" or say "I told you so."

- Jeff

National demonstration: Stop the attacks on Afrin.

The dictatorial regime of Erdogan in Turkey has started a military 
campaign attacking the north Syrian region better known as Rojava. 
Rojava has been a beacon of hope since the Syrian Civil War broke out in 
2012. While the rest of Syria finds itself in an ever worsening violent 
spiral, Rojava has established a secure and democratic area, providing 
safety for the predominantly Kurdish population as well as millions of 
refugees from other Syrian areas.

It was the Women’s – and People’s Defense Units of Rojava who defeated 
ISIS! It was the province of Afrin that took in millions of refugees 
drom the close by city of Aleppo. The world cheered as they defeated 
ISIS, as they liberated Kobani, Manbij, Raqqa….

Will the world remain silent now that Erdogan’s regime is bombing and 
killing these innocent people in their own homes? Will you remain silent 
as refugee children on the run from ISIS die from NATO partner Turkey’s 
bombs? Will you remain silent when the women who liberated the enslaved 
Yazidi girls from the chains of monsters are bombed by the regime of the 
dictator who thinks women “should not smile in public”??

We demand the immediate end of the attacks on Afrin and Rojava!
We demand that the international community secure the airspace above 
Rojava and Afrin against such attacks!
We demand that the Netherlands – member of the NATO and the UN Security 
Council – does EVERYTHING in its power to stop these attacks!
An attack on Rojava is an attack on humanity.

Solidarity is our only strength!

Come to the national protest 27 Januari in Amsterdam to raise your voice 
for Afrin and Rojava!!!

27 January 2018

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