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John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 08:06:52 MST 2018

thank you, Chris Slee, for giving the complete statement from the Afrin
administration. One thing upon which we all agree, I think, is that the
Kurdish leaders are not stupid or ignorant when it comes to realpolitik.
They must know perfectly well that inviting Assad to intervene will not
stop there. They also must know perfectly well what all their stress on the
region being "part of Syria" and about "Syria's territorial integrity"
means. It means that in the end, despite all the silliness of
decentralization, they accept that the central Syrian government - meaning
Assad - has final say about what is and is not allowed in Afrin. And they
all agree that a powerful anti-Assad movement will be prohibited.

Basically, they are trying to make a deal with Assad: "Let us administer
this region and we will insure that nothing is done to destabilize your
position. Meanwhile, we expect you to step in and protect us from Erdogan."
This shows the limits of their whole strategy. They want some form of
independence (yes, they do) within the limits of capitalism. They are
trying to build a Kurdish rights movement in isolation from all the other
movements around them such as the Arab Spring and what came of it, workers'
strikes in Turkey and Iran. Or put it another way: Just like all such
movements, they need allies. The question is whether they will seek allies
in the working class struggles of the region or from one capitalist regime
or another. Time and again they have sought the latter and time and again
they have been "betrayed". I put that in quotes, because when a lion chases
off a leopard in order to kill and feast on an antelope, that antelope
wasn't betrayed. It was simply a matter of which killer gets to reap the

John Reimann

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