[Marxism] Tests link Syrian government stockpile to largest sarin attack

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Tue Jan 30 08:05:42 MST 2018

Idrees Ahmad on FB to LRB -– “I hope you will do the decent thing, retract
the Seymour Hersh stories and apologise.”

excerpts -

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The Syrian government’s chemical weapons stockpile
has been linked for the first time by laboratory tests to the largest sarin
nerve agent attack of the civil war, diplomats and scientists told Reuters,
supporting Western claims that government forces under President Bashar
al-Assad were behind the atrocity.

Diplomatic and scientific sources said efforts by Syria and Russia to
discredit the U.N.-OPCW tests establishing a connection to Ghouta have so
far come up with nothing.

Smithson and other sources familiar with the matter said it would have been
virtually impossible for the rebels to carry out a coordinated, large-scale
strike with poisonous munitions, even if they had been able to steal the
chemicals from the government’s stockpile.

“I don’t think there is a cat in hell’s chance that rebels or Islamic State
were responsible for the Aug. 21 Ghouta attack,” said Hamish de
Bretton-Gordon, an independent specialist in biological and chemical

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