[Marxism] Free ALL the Palestinian prisoners not just the 'children'

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 18:18:01 MST 2018

"I have no problem with the highlighting of the situation of Ahed Tamimi,
the teenager being held in an Israeli prison for slapping an IDF soldier
after the IDF shot her cousin in the face – not to mention that the IDF is
an occupation force which, even by the standards of bourgeois law, is
breaking the law.

"What I do object to, however, is when people single out one young
Palestinian prisoner and/or Palestinian child prisoners and demand only
their release.

"Why should Ahed Tamimi be freed and Karim Younis, who is now starting his
36th year in prison, remain behind bars?  And what is the cut-off age for
children?  Should the 16-year-olds be released, but forget the
17-year-olds?  What about the old folks?  Should an imprisoned Palestinian
in her or his 70s  be forgotten about while we protest solely for the
release of the ‘children’?

"I can’t help but have the uneasy feeling that . . ."

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