[Marxism] DSA member Ocasio-Cortez elected

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 1 14:50:53 MDT 2018

On 7/1/18 4:09 PM, Dennis Brasky wrote:
> I seem to recall Louis a few weeks ago stating that he was going to make 
> an exception to his lifelong stance and either vote for or donate (I 
> forget) to a local Democrat's campaign - (he didn't name the candidate).

Yes, I donated $50 to the Syriah-American Mohamed Khairullah's campaign 
to be re-elected in Prospect Park, New Jersey, a town of less than 6000 
people--mainly because he uses his office to raise support for people in 
desperate need, including refugees. And I'd do it again. But I'd rather 
handle a rattlesnake than vote for any DSA-backed candidates running as 

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