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And I remain the "skunk at the picnic" arguing that even when there is a
"left" alternative (Jill Stein last Presidential election -- numerous left
candidates in Senate and House races this Fall) when there is a true danger
of fascism --- (Hillary might have been TERRIBLE but the Supreme Court
would not have killed public sector unions nor be poised to reverse Roe is
she had won .... ) the lesser of two evils rule applies  ---- if Dems do
not take at least the HOUSE, Trump will be in a position to solidify his
position, remake the Supreme Court even more --- and fill those detention
centers ---

I know lots of people disagree but the demonization of the Social Democrats
as "social fascists" by the German CP helped pave the way for Hitler in
Germany ---

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> Concretely, in this November's election between O - C and her Republican
> opponent with no independent of the Democrats working class candidate or
> party in existence, do we maintain a Never Vote Democrat position??
> I seem to recall Louis a few weeks ago stating that he was going to make an
> exception to his lifelong stance and either vote for or donate (I forget)
> to a local Democrat's campaign - (he didn't name the candidate).
> As long as we carefully explain that there are rare exceptions to the rule,
> I don't think that it's unprincipled to vote for an O - C WHEN THERE IS NO
> LEFT ALTERNATIVE. Of course, opportunists will find many "exceptions" but
> who said that revolutionary politics is simple?
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> >
> >> Yeah, Marx made some points about the "spoiler" problem:
> >
> > Even where there is no prospect of achieving their election the workers
> > must put up their own candidates to preserve their independence, to gauge
> > their own strength and to bring their revolutionary position and party
> > standpoint to public attention. They must not be led astray by the empty
> > phrases of the democrats, who will maintain that the workers’ candidates
> > will split the democratic party and offer the forces of reaction the
> chance
> > of victory. All such talk means, in the final analysis, that the
> > proletariat is to be swindled. The progress which the proletarian party
> > will make by operating independently in this way is infinitely more
> > important than the disadvantages resulting from the presence of a few
> > reactionaries in the representative body.
> >
> > https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/communist-
> > league/1850-ad1.htm
> >
> >
> >
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