[Marxism] DSA member Ocasio-Cortez elected (Jason)

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Sun Jul 1 16:00:07 MDT 2018

I've waffled. With no working class party and our absurd party and voting system, what is someone like Ocasio-Cortez to do? Since there was a Democratic primary I take it that the other option would be attempting to run as an independent in the general?

An issue I hope we will learn more about when Ocasio-Crotez is in office is how fundraising is done. I don't remember the article but I recall reading a detailed account of a congress person's day and that it is mostly calling donors or going to fundraisers.

The question then is whether or not the person I'm voting for will be doing that or refuse, which then means the Democratic party would oppose them, but how different would that be from being an independent?

We do need to win over the DSA to dedicate to building a working class party, but I don't know that today getting people elected as Democrats will actually harm this effort, which has a very long ways to go (hell, it isn't even the current DSA's plan), but does potentially lay groundwork through increasing our reach.

It is going to be a fight to make a complete break from the Democrats and I don't know that the conditions are right yet to make it the highest priority. It should


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