[Marxism] DSA member Ocasio-Cortez elected (Jason)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 1 16:00:46 MDT 2018

On 7/1/18 5:51 PM, Jason via Marxism wrote:
> However, I do think I have shown that such a position
> is consistent with the revolutionary socialist/Marxist tradition and that
> the idea that this is a break from "socialist electoral thinking at least
> until the rise of the Popular Front" is false.

That's because of your sleight of hand equation between the Democratic 
Party and the British Labour Party. That is not consistent with Marxism 
but the political acrobatics of Gus Hall, Carl Davidson, et al. It 
always ends up with the same tired references to the 1912 stuff about 
Cadets and electors, Lenin's article on ultraleftism, Marx's support for 
Lincoln, etc. I've heard it 10,000 times.

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