[Marxism] DSA member Ocasio-Cortez elected (Jason)

Jason jasonh99 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 17:44:20 MDT 2018

Also, at the beginning of this thread John R wrote:
"Regarding what Lenin said and how he saw the British LP: Lenin was in the
habit of phrasing things very sharply, maybe even too sharply at times. I
suspect that was because he was guarding so strongly against any tendency
to fall into reformism."

I would suggest its a dangerous habit to discount evidence that goes
against one's worldview. Perhaps Lenin was bending the stick in calling the
Labor Party a "thoroughly bourgeois party" (and note: I just quoted that
phrase, but it was a whole speech on it and there are other references too)
but if so, then find for me
1) where he argued that the Labor Party was a working-class party, and
2) where he based his arguments on working in and voting for it on that

And again, this isn't to say "Lenin said X and so X is right" but that if
comrades are going to argue "Y" and cite Lenin as an authority and call my
strategy "Menshevik" or whatever, they should be able to produce some
evidence or just openly say "Lenin was wrong, Luxemburg was wrong, I am
proposing something new and different."

-Jason Hicks

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