[Marxism] Here's To The Mice!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 3 20:28:09 MDT 2018

Here's To The Mice!
by Vachel Lindsay

(Written with the hope that the socialists might yet dethrone Kaiser and 

Here's to the mice that scare the lions,
Creeping into their cages.
Here's to the fairy mice that bite
The elephants fat and wise:
Hidden in the hay-pile while the elephant thunder rages.
Here's to the scurrying, timid mice
Through whom the proud cause dies.

Here's to the seeming accident
When all is planned and working,
All the flywheels turning,
Not a vassal shirking.
Here's to the hidden tunneling thing
That brings the mountain's groans.
Here's to the midnight scamps that gnaw,
Gnawing away the thrones.

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