[Marxism] feedback on Nicaragua from a longtime solidarity activist

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 08:57:33 MDT 2018

Hi Dennis - I read Don's piece earlier today and I'm glad to see you did
also.  I like it much better than the last one he did, in May, because here
he really shows the complexity of the situation.  What's tough is that
there are some pretty idealistic, hardworking people still working for the
government, still believing that it was and needs to be the vehicle for
advancing the social contract in the face of the national landowning class
and the national bourgeoisie.  And those people are scared.  Some have had
to secretly move to other locations to keep their families safe and most, I
think, swallow their fear when they go to work every day, if they can get
there at all.  The "peaceful opposition" has publicly stripped and beaten
government workers who were nobody in particular, and has killed some.
Government supporters still consider themselves Sandinista and don't want
to turn the country back over to the people who from 1990 to 2007
privatized education and public services, ignored infrastructure needs
except those of big capital, and did nothing to build capacity of the poor
to earn a living.  They particularly don't want to have Ortega step down
prior to an election to take place in March of 2019 which Ortega has agreed

But Don's article has some merit for at least showing some of the flaws of
the opposition.  Most media seems to just take the story straight of the
opposition media of Nicaragua.


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