[Marxism] Marx and Engels on Civil War: New Collection - HARD CRACKERS (Louis Proyect)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 9 12:21:45 MDT 2018

On 7/9/18 1:41 PM, Andrew Stewart via Marxism wrote:
> Very interesting and nice to see CPUSA adapting the Du Bois line of
> thinking about the Civil War from BLACK RECONSTRUCTION. Guess Herbert
> Aptheker's legacy is bearing some some good bounty.

 From Andrew Zimmerman, the editor of this book that I ordered today:

For this reason I wholly agree with Johnson that scholars and activists 
should follow Cedric Robinson’s Black Marxism. I think doing so requires 
developing not just Robinson’s concept of racial capitalism, but also 
his concept of a black radical tradition in a complex dialogue with Marxism.

As Johnson suggests, what Robinson analyzed as the black radical 
tradition offers a more promising perspective than liberal humanism for 
understanding slavery and combatting ongoing racial capitalism. For 
Robinson this tradition was not simply a response to racial capitalism 
or enslavement; it had African roots prior to, and independent of, the 
forms of oppression it combatted. “The Black radical tradition,” he 
wrote, “casts doubt on the extent to which capitalism penetrated and 
re-formed social life and on its ability to create entirely new 
categories of human experience stripped bare of the historical 
consciousness embedded in culture. . . . After all it had been as an 
emergent African people and not as slaves that Black men and women had 
opposed enslavement.” Robinson does not reduce the black radical 
tradition to a static, ahistorical, unitary culture; that is why he 
refers to an “emergent African people” comprised of many different 
cultures and classes and a broad range of cultural and political 
productions, from the social healing practices of Obeah, Vodou, and 
other Afro-Atlantic religions to the writings of contemporary black 


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