[Marxism] Building for a Socialist Brexit

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 16:50:32 MDT 2018

What John doesn't understand...and is in denial about...is the E.U. itself
as if it represents something "better" for the working class in Britain or
any of the member states of the E.U. The fact that it is precisely the E.U.
and all the fiscal agreements for the past 25 years that is THE tool by
which austerity is argued for, predicated on and deployed. As I pointed out
when we had a public debate on this last year in Berkeley to oppose Brexit
meant support for this Imperialist institution. John appears to see the
E.U. as nothing more than free-immigration statute and...a victory
of...what? Working class internationalism? There is zero analysis of the
role the E.U. plays in the European wide undermining of labor codes,
privatization and austerity. He is completely blind side by the very real
anti-immigrant perspective of many working class voters. But he knows as
well that the vote itself was far more complicated than that.

David Walters

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