[Marxism] US Teachers at Convention Galvanized by Wave of Strikes

aaron s. amaral amaral1871 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 13:46:46 MDT 2018

I'm glad of the coverage of the strike wave, but the report also includes
this gem:

"As a labor leader, Weingarten, the first openly lesbian president of a
major union, has been a trailblazing leader; pushing the labor movement to
engage more on issues of race and gender and to get involved in community
struggle in an effort to engrain unions more in the political fabric of
communities. Her organizing efforts appeared to pay off as public opinion
polling showed massive support for the wave of teachers’ strikes that hit
the nation this spring."

If the idea is that the AFT, under Weingarten, was central to the outbreak
of these struggles or to the subsequent leadership, it is plain wrong.   As
to her organizing efforts paving the way for massive support, I would argue
she has spent more time paving the way for Hillary Clinton (also
prominently featured in this article)  than in organizing teachers.

-Aaron A.

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