[Marxism] US Teachers at Convention Galvanized by Wave of Strikes

Glenn Kissack gkissack at nyc.rr.com
Mon Jul 16 22:47:59 MDT 2018

I just returned from the AFT convention. If you believe the expensive videos that the  2444 delegates were shown, Randi Weingarten is a modern day Mother Jones. Yet the AFT could have — but didn’t — bring rank-and-file teachers from the red states to talk about how they organized their walkouts. Aaron has it right. One delegate got up and blasted Randi for granting HRC the AFT endorsement long before the primaries began.

Instead of talking among ourselves about how to fight back against austerity conditions imposed by both parties, we got to hear the following visitors: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Conor Lamb — one of the Democratic centrist military men loved by the Democratic Party establishment. He was so bland I had trouble keeping my eyes open.


> If the idea is that the AFT, under Weingarten, was central to the outbreak
> of these struggles or to the subsequent leadership, it is plain wrong.   As
> to her organizing efforts paving the way for massive support, I would argue
> she has spent more time paving the way for Hillary Clinton (also
> prominently featured in this article)  than in organizing teachers.
> -Aaron A.

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