[Marxism] Roberto Santucho and the Fight for Socialism in Argentina - Part I

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 20 06:17:12 MDT 2018

Back in 1973, the Fourth International co-led by Ernest Mandel and Jack 
Barnes, was in the early stages of a fight that would eventually lead to 
a split. Mandel backed an urban guerrilla group led by Roberto Santucho 
and the SWP backed Nahuel Moreno's group that appeared to have much more 
in common with us. As you might expect, Barnes and Moreno had a falling 
out eventually. This article is well-researched. I know nothing about 
the website that published it except that it appears to be based in 
Latin America given its focus on the region. By publishing in English, 
they likely want to get a broader following. It is worth bookmarking.


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