[Marxism] The Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy of White Evangelicals

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Fri Jul 20 09:09:10 MDT 2018

On 7/20/18 10:48 AM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote
> https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/07/19/the-moral-and-spiritual-bankruptcy-of-white-evangelicals <https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/07/19/the-moral-and-spiritual-bankruptcy-of-white-evangelicals>
> As we have seen, on this list there are a few of us who grew up in this milieu.
> While my own reasons for breaking with this upbringing were quite shallow (the desire to fit in with my peers, sexual repression, etc.) I do wonder what would have been the case if my church had had more moral authority.

This reminds me. I had the most extraordinary experience yesterday that 
falls under the rubric of religious fundamentalism. I was in upstate NY 
working with a drone pilot I had hired for 2 days. We were in Old Falls, 
a tiny hamlet that abuts the Neversink River getting his drone set up, 
when a guy pulled up in a panel truck marked security. At first we 
thought that maybe the local authorities were going to give us a hassle 
but it was only a guy whose job it was to install home security systems.

His name was Yitzy and he was a Hasidic Jew that belonged to the Puppa 
sect (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puppa_(Hasidic_dynasty)) that I had 
never heard of but is affiliated with the Satmars that I knew quite a 
bit about. The Satmars had colonized my village a couple of miles away 
from Old Falls starting about 25 years ago and my family home is now 
owned by members.

The Satmars are rivals of the Lubavitch sect, distinguished by their 
belief that a Jewish state can only be realized when the Messiah comes. 
A sub-sect called Neturei Karta can be seen at anti-Zionist rallies 
organized by WWP and PSL.

It turns out that Yitzy owns a drone himself and was anxious to talk 
shop with us. He also is on an Instagram-type website 
(https://www.yooying.com/yitzygeephotography) where he describes himself 
as a "Wildlife photographer מה רבו מעשיך ה׳ the wonderful creation of 
G-D". He brought a Nikon camera from out of his truck that had a 
foot-long telephoto lens.

I had an interesting chat with him about how he fits in with the Satmars 
since they are opposed to members going online, or even using smart 
phones. He said that even though he is faithful, the Internet is a huge 
part of his life, including Netflix.

He is aware of films that are critical of the Hasids, using subjects 
that have broken with various sects but still feels part of that world. 
He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt but you could see his sidelocks 
(payis) tucked neatly behind his ears. On Saturday he dons the 
traditional Satmar clothing and goes to synagogue.

The main thing that struck me was his openness and intellectual 
curiosity. Like most Hasids, he only attended religious schools but is 
an autodidact. He taught himself English and Spanish and is obviously 
anxious to learn more about life and culture outside the sect. An 
extraordinary young man whose website is well worth checking out.

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