[Marxism] Helsinki: Was it "excellent"? Should we care?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 14:40:47 MDT 2018

I think the development if very important as well, though Trump still
represents the mainstream of the U.S. ruling class.  He's not a rogue
actor, though he plays one on TV.

The American masters engineered the greatest polarization of wealth in all
of human history.  We've seen.  We watched it.  We couldn't figure out and
implement a plan to prevent it.  No matter.  Trump slapped the icing on the
cake with his "tax reform."   I think Trump could pop out of a cake naked
in the middle of the Oval Office and the ruling class would be just fine
with it.  He's their fair-haired (or bewigged) boy for the present.  The
fact that the Democrats have been dead useless as an opposition and the
Republicans have cheered him on reflects that.

More telling, the great American Bullshit about economic prosperity is
pretty much accepted as real and circulated widely.

His attempt to be of service to Russian oligarchs as well as American
oligarchs doesn't necessarily cause problems for them.  Helsinki caused a
brief problem, but the mere show of a walk back pretty much settled things.

. . . for the present, at least.  We now seem to have moved on to Playboy
models, payoffs and Cohen tapes.

Mark L.

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