[Marxism] Helsinki: Was it "excellent"? Should we care?

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Sat Jul 21 15:22:46 MDT 2018

> After corresponding with Louis I got a better understanding of what he was
> writing. However, his piece as it stands could appear to be saying he
> doesn't care about the role of Putin in the last election nor about the
> ties between Putin and Trump. Some people on the left have such a knee jerk
> reaction to all the calls for "patriotism" and to "defend America" that
> they don't consider what's going on here.

I always take issue with the reasoning to not care being the fucked up things the US has done abroad. But the people hurt by emboldened white nationalists, zero tolerance ICE policy, the increased airstrikes and civilian deaths... had nothing to do with US foreign policy.

Yes, electing a Democrat won't fix these issues and neo-liberalism paves the way for the reactionary blowback of a Trump, but that doesn't change whether or not we should care. And the campaigns to help fascist candidates isn't over, now with Bannon heading to Europe to put money and resources behind them as well.

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