[Marxism] Fwd: brics-from-below bulletin: Johannesburg summit this week... counter-summit with Teach In (and on Thursday a protest)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 22 05:51:43 MDT 2018


Hello BRICS watchers,

The BRICS Summit, with Temer-Putin-Modi-Xi-Ramaphosa, joined by 
Erdogan-Al-Sisi-Macri-etc - begins on Wednesday. Already, 
brics-from-below folk are gathering.

      First, we have a new book for free download here 
It will be updated over the course of the week, as our partners from 
around the world chime in with new critical analysis and as various 
official resolutions are passed. (For example, the 2018 Civil BRICS 
resolution is available, as you see here 
- not elsewhere online yet.)

      If you're in Johannesburg, join us to discuss multiple crises - 
political, social, economic and ecological - and society's responses at 
the University of the Witwatersrand School of Governance on 
Monday-Tuesday, 9am-6pm (2 St David's Place, Parktown). *(**Please RSVP 
to **bricsfrombelow2018 at gmail.com**for catering purposes.)***Well-known 
scholars, commentators, journalists and NGO experts will be with us. I 
can send you the final programme later today if you're interested; let 
me know by email. And there will be more updates soon about follow-up 




On 2018/06/10 09:22 AM, Patrick Bond wrote:
> Hello, to those of you interested in the 2018 debates on BRICS elites 
> and their critics,
> They're back in the news here in Johannesburg, because in six weeks 
> the *BRICS heads of state and BRICS Business Council* meet. Also, 
> several *Brics-from-the-middle* forces have been active: the Academic 
> Forum last week, the Civil BRICS in a couple of weeks, the BRICS Youth 
> now in Moscow and the BRICS Trade Union Forum later in July. This too 
> has generated some interesting debates as you see below; next time I 
> write, I'll send out the two statements from the intellectuals and 
> Civil BRICS that I have.
> But we are in a very uncertain situation geopolitically now. The 
> terrain now of centrifugal economics and politics 
> <https://www.pambazuka.org/global-south/brics-xiamen-summit-doomed-centrifugal-economics> 
> is now more uneven than when I last wrote you, last August. Even in 
> past days, *Donald Trump* has opened up the possibility of a wedge 
> involving Russia, which I'd be grateful if anyone has seen good 
> information to help interpret.
> At the micro level, we've just seen the *BRICS New Development Bank* 
> prove its unwillingness to consult with affected people, as a new $200 
> million loan to the corruption-riddled South African transport 
> parastatal comes under opposition in South Durban for very good 
> reasons. (The BRICS Business Council will, as a result, attract a 
> protest when they meet in Durban on July 22.) Here's 
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFtYFmFXEE> a little video about the 
> last BRICS visit to South Africa - Durban in 2013 - and the resistance 
> movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFtYFmFXEE
> In between there are a great many objections to the BRICS elites - see 
> the draft call to action below - including very intense forms of 
> rising social resistance. I will send more information on activist 
> initiatives soon. But one begins soon here in Johannesburg: a 
> community-labour-women's-youth-environmental coalition forming, called 
> "Break the BRICS." Below the advertisement for the strategy session, 
> are some links to articles I've written over the past six months. I'll 
> send out more in coming days, as we construct educational and 
> intellectual resource packages.
> Cheers,
> Patrick

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