[Marxism] Alice Donovan, Russiagate and the Rabbit Hole of Sanctimony

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 27 05:26:20 MDT 2018

By Joshua Frank

Russiagate fever has not only infected MSDNC and liberal blowhards like 
Rachel Maddow, it’s also warped the minds of a few on the left who 
believe the whole thing is an elaborate charade concocted by the Deep 
State that’s forcing Trump into a new Cold War, despite his gracious 
“peace” offerings toward Russia. Well, as Eric Draitser rightly points 
out in his essay this weekend, Trump hasn’t been all that friendly with 
Russia, despite some cranky claims to the contrary. There is the case of 
arms shipments to Ukrainian fascists, a plea for a more robust NATO, 
which is knocking on Russia’s door and that little strangulation tactic 
called sanctions. Together these don’t add up to a very Putin-friendly 
policy. On the contrary, it makes Trump look like the warmongering 
narcissist that he is. It’s just too bad some lefties don’t see it.


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