[Marxism] Why the Russia-Trump Collusion Conspiracy Theory Isn’t Catching On

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Fri Jul 27 14:34:18 MDT 2018

> I think articles like this are unhelpful and dangerous, and this one is
> certainly full of inaccuracies.

But are hilarious. Ted Rall has to make shit up:

"Trump doesn’t even read one-page memos. Yet we’re being asked to believe that he supervised a ridiculously complex Machiavellian conspiracy?"

Who has argued this?

Then of course, yes, the Seth Rich conspiracy which is just disgusting of him to traffic in and doesn't really warrant a response.

I think it says a lot about people like Rall when they purposely distort everything and ignore detailed evidence (also note that the main "alternative" report that people point to as proving it was an inside job proves nothing of the sort, but it is easy to write up some computer jargon to convince people like Rall).


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