[Marxism] Trotsky on Paul Levi's critique of the March 21 Action in Germany

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 29 10:57:51 MDT 2018

This is from the first Five Years of the Comintern, a book I read in the 
early 70s as if it were handed down to us like the Ten Commandments to 
Moses. This was the "heroic" days of the Comintern before Stalinism 
ruined it. Just look at this boneheaded account by Trotsky:

15. If tactically the Central Committee of the Communist Party committed 
a series of errors: an unfavourable moment for action, insufficient 
clarity in formulating the aims of the movement, insufficient 
quantitative and qualitative agitational preparation of the movement and 
so on, then the political conclusion that the working masses of Germany 
must draw from the March events lies in the latest and most blatant 
treachery of the social-democrats and the Independents.

16. Under these circumstances the public statements of Levi and others 
repeating essentially the arguments of the social-democrats and 
Independents and branding the tactical omissions by their own party as 
Bakuninite putschism distort its whole political perspective and 
introduce elements of demoralization into the Communist Party just at 
the moment when it needs more than ever unity and the strengthening of 
confidence in itself and its forces.

If after some unsuccessful economic strike in which the state with its 
police, press and yellow trade unions assisted the capitalists against 
the workers – if after such an unsuccessful strike one of the trade 
union leaders launched a campaign against that trade union accusing it 
of every deadly sin instead of condemning the yellow leaders, the 
police, the bourgeoisie and so on, the behaviour of such a trade union 
leader would be equivalent to the behaviour of comrade Levi.


Well, if it wasn't "Bakuninite putschism", I have no idea what it was. 
The god-damned Comintern sent Bela Kun to Germany to strengthen the 
already ultraleftist tendencies of the Thalheimer/Brandler leadership.

It was only in the early 2000s that I learned from reading Werner 
Angress what a disaster happened in Germany. This was one of the main 
reasons the Nazis got a foothold in Germany--the CP had discredited 
itself so badly that the workers tended to attach themselves more 
persistently to the SP.

Will be posting a chapter from Angress later today.

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