[Marxism] DSA: Don't Endorse Cynthia Nixon or any Democrats. Ever.

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 14:54:37 MDT 2018

Tristan Sloughter wrote: "I do not understand how selecting the Democrat
when voting today, in a race with the only options being the candidates on
the ballot in anyway harm the argument.

"Accepting the options given at this specific time is just accepting
reality and working with it. I just don't see how leaving it blank improves
the argument that we need a party of the working class."

Presumably, he knows in advance that he's going to vote for Democrat X.
Probably well in advance. In that case, as a political activist, he is
obligated to advocate that others vote for "X" also. He also asks what are
the specific steps that I advocate that would be blocked by advocating
voting for a Democrat (which as I pointed out, he is obligated to do and,
in fact, is doing already in this exchange).

I have written about this and repeated this so many times, I'm getting
bored writing it, but here goes again: In the last year, DSA could have and
should have put up its own candidates for local office - city council,
board of education, etc. Such candidates could have run on the basis of
openly being real socialists and workers' representatives, rather than the
lie that they represent "all" the people. They could have explained how the
local issues and the role of the local politicians shows that these
politicians and their parties are simply the representatives of big
business. (In many cities that is more specific - they are the
representatives of the real estate industry.) They could explain that the
"progressive"/liberal Democrats are purely the bait for the trap. These
working class, socialist candidates could then explain that part of the
purpose of running is to build a  campaign for an alternative to these
parties of big business, including to its liberal wing. I have always
specified running for local office, because on that level I think we could
actually register on the radar screens of millions of workers.

The problem with campaigning in this way is that you cannot then turn
around and then say, "but, while I think that the liberal Democrat "X" is
simply bait for the trap, that she/he is playing that role to prevent you,
sister or brother worker, from organizing independently and building your
own party - while I believe that, I still think that you should support and
vote for Democrat "X"." Workers simply will not take you seriously if you
take that road. And the leadership of DSA (as well as of the unions) know
this perfectly well. Which is why they have been unwilling to even *discuss*
taking the road I advocate.

Now, we are expected to reward their refusal to act in the interests of the
working class by at the end of the day accepting their strategy and goal,
which is to kick the can even further down the road regarding building a
working class alternative to the Democrats in the hopes that we never will
actually act on it. Our task #1 at this point is to clearly explain their
role in undercutting the working class, clearly explaining their
collaboration with the capitalist class. Again, it makes it all the harder
to do this while at the same time advocating accepting the lack of an
option that they have foisted on us. (And, as I said, if you vote Democrat
you have to advocate voting Democrat.)

We are now facing a new situation from six months ago. Where does that
leave us? I already posted this article to this list (I think), but I'm
reposting it again. It puts forward what I believe socialists should be
advocating at this time.

John Reimann

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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