[Marxism] DSA: Don't Endorse Cynthia Nixon or any Democrats. Ever.

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Tue Jul 31 15:31:33 MDT 2018

> Workers simply will not take you seriously if you
> take that road. And the leadership of DSA (as well as of the unions) know
> this perfectly well.

I think, and know, many would take us less seriously if we refuse to accept reality and leave a ballot blank rather than help a Democrat win over a Republican. Because there are very real differences made to peoples lives.

If there are really all these candidates who want to run for offices I damn well hope this strategy is taken up. Until such candidates are on the ballot, I'd  vote an enthusiastic YES for DSA to take up such a strategy and spend resources finding candidates and voted and advocated for NPC candidates who would make that a reality like Dan La Botz, I disagree on what will have workers taking us seriously or not.

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