[Marxism] Syria and the Problem of Left Solidarity - Salvage Magazine

Steffan Wyn-Jones gunther1981 at zoho.com
Sat Mar 3 11:01:55 MST 2018

"Since January, Syria has seen escalations in violence and civilian 
casualties in two conflict areas. Afrin, the Kurdish-held enclave along 
the Turkish border, has seen increased fighting since the Turkish 
military entered the area by force on January 19th this year. To date, 
the fighting has left an estimated 112 civilians dead. Meanwhile, in 
Eastern Ghouta, only a few hours’ drive away from Afrin, the Syrian 
military is finishing off final pockets of resistance through a brutal 
extermination campaign in which civilians are systematically targeted. 
Decisively reinforced by Russian air and Iranian ground forces, the 
bloodshed is reminiscent of the assault on Aleppo just over a year ago, 
during which more than 30,000 Syrians were killed. The civilian death 
toll in Eastern Ghouta has risen to include 1,070 civilians over the 
past three months."


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