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The take of our Brazil comrades

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> Here's the Globe and Mail account, published today, which just happens to omit
> reference to Franco's political party affiliation:
> 'Brutal assassination': Rio de Janeiro councillor, a critic of state-sponsored
> violence, shot dead in apparent targeted killing
> Marielle Franco, a popular Rio city councillor who was a blunt critic of
> state-sponsored violence, was shot dead on Wednesday night in a killing that
> appeared to be politically motivated. It was a dramatic escalation of the crisis
> in Brazil's second-largest city and raised fears of a surge of violence as
> criminal actors jockey for position after a military takeover of security here.
> Ms. Franco's driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, was also killed when a car pulled up
> next to theirs at a downtown intersection and someone shot nine bullets into the
> car, five of which reportedly hit Ms. Franco in the head. A second passenger, an
> aide to Ms. Franco, survived and has been put under police witness protection.
> Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella called it a "brutal assassination" and the state
> Public Security Secretary, Richard Nunes, said in a statement there will be "a
> full investigation of the assassination." President Michel Temer offered the
> help of the federal police, but Rio police rejected the idea and said they would
> manage the investigation.
> But enraged colleagues and admirers of Ms. Franco are saying state police should
> not have responsibility for investigating the crime, given the realistic
> possibility that some may have ties to her killing.
> Ms. Franco, 38, was a black, gay woman from Mare, one of the city's most violent
> favelas, who became a human-rights activist and earned thousands of votes in her
> first campaign for city hall, where she used the slogan "Marielle presente" -
> saying, essentially, "I'm here," standing up for those who are often voiceless
> here. She was a rare figure in a country where white men from a traditional
> elite still predominate in politics.
> On Feb. 16, the Temer government handed control of public security in Rio to the
> military, the first such move since the end of the dictatorship here in 1985,
> ostensibly to control a spike in violence. Ms. Franco headed the city's observer
> commission on the military occupation and was a long-time critic of police
> brutality in favelas and other poor communities.
> Sandro Araujo, a city councillor in Rio's twin city of Niteroi who is a federal
> police officer and an expert on public security, said Ms. Franco's killing had
> all the signs of an execution carried out by a militia - one of the criminal
> organizations made up primarily of active-duty and retired police officers,
> former soldiers and prison guards, which control vast swaths of Rio, extorting
> the population and operating with impunity. He said it was reminiscent of the
> attack on Patricia Acioli, a Rio state judge investigating militias who was
> murdered by active-duty police in 2011.
> "The fact that Marielle was exposing people and she had a loud voice, especially
> in the media, makes me think she was silenced by these criminals in a uniform,"
> he said. "This was a clear demonstration of power against whoever makes them
> vulnerable, whoever exposes them."
> Samira Bueno, director of the Brazil Forum on Public Security, called her death
> a political killing, something rare here in recent years, aimed at stifling the
> most powerful voice of the favelas. "It's a very frightening moment for the city
> and the country," she said. "All the criminal groups are reorganizing because of
> this federal intervention. And when they kill politicians and judges and people
> who represent the state, we know things are changing really fast."
> Condemning Ms. Franco's killing on Thursday, Mr. Temer said it was an example of
> the lawlessness the military intervention would help control. Critics including
> Ms. Franco have said the intervention was made with an eye to wooing
> middle-class voters ahead of the national elections in October.
> The military intervention has put the police under new scrutiny; the general in
> charge of Rio's security said one of his key goals was to end corruption in the
> police force. But so far all military attention has focused on favelas under the
> control of narco-traffickers, not militia areas. Mr. Araujo said there was
> little possibility the militia would be investigated. "They're an open wound
> exposing the disease in our society," he said.
> Ms. Franco, who leaves her partner and 19-year-old daughter, was buried
> onThursday afternoon as thousands of people gathered in front of City Hall to
> mourn her. Many carried signs reading "Marielle Presente" - her slogan
> repurposed as a message that her work would not end with her death.
> "The death of Marielle will consolidate a moment that has coalescing for a long
> time, of people saying they will not tolerate this violence," Ms. Bueno
> predicted. She used a colloquial phrase - a favela vai descer - meaning
> residents on poor and violent hilltop communities who are rarely heard from
> would descend to the city to demonstrate their frustration.
> "They are not accepting any more all this violence - because if it's not the
> violence from the Comando Vermelho [one of the city's main drug gangs] or the
> other factions, it's the violence from the state or the army - and now, one of
> the only representatives they have in politics was murdered like this. I think
> we will have some bad moments in the future."
> With a report from Elisangela Mendonca
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> Activist of the LGTB movement, the World March of Women, City Councilor of the
> Party Socialism and Liberty (PSOL) in Rio de Janeiro and in charge of the
> commission of inquiry into the violence perpetrated by the army and the police
> against young people Afro-descendants in Rio, Marielle Franco was murdered the
> night of March 14, 2018. [1
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