[Marxism] Ghouta: Issues Behind the Apocalypse: Armed and civil rebellion, Class and Islam

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Wed Mar 21 08:05:05 MDT 2018


In early April 2011, shortly after the start of the Syrian uprising on
March 15, people poured into the streets in Ghouta, peacefully
chanting “The people want the fall of the regime.” Watch this video,
and see what happened next: this slaughter of peaceful protest
throughout Syria continued for the next six months before some
citizens began defending their protests with weapons, and some regime
troops began to protect their brothers and sisters rather than kill
them; thus was formed, organically from the struggle, the Free Syrian

As the Assad regime, backed by Russian terror-bombing, today closes in
on rebel-held East Ghouta, where 400,000 reside among the bombed-out
ruins of this vast working-class district, it is important to consider
what is at stake. As we will see, beyond the stick-figure style
analysis in both the mainstream western media and, generally worse, in
the woke “alternative” media, that speaks of a battle between the
regime and “terrorists” or “militants” holding East Ghouta, the
reality is that a powerful civil side to the revolution continues to
exist, a Free Syrian Army also continues to exist alongside
better-known Islamist brigades, and even the most odious of the
Islamist brigades has been unable to completely dominate over the
organs of the revolution, including the democratic local councils.

As we will see, what is at stake in the crushing of Ghouta are the
hopes and dreams of millions of Syrians to live with basic freedoms
without being saddled by one of the world’s most savage dictatorships

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