[Marxism] Words that hold back workers

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:26:45 MDT 2018

The bosses have a whole litany of buzz terms and phrases that are trotted
out to confuse workers and cover up how the system works.  Although this
article is from NZ, what it talks about is prevalent across the capitalist

"It happened again yesterday, on Morning Report. Air New Zealand boss
Christopher Luxton airily deflected the interviewer’s awkward question:
“No, Suzie, Im not going there because its commercially sensitive.”

"This refusal to reveal how much US president Obama’s visit cost the
company was accepted, because “commercial sensitivity” is among the magic
words and phrases capitalism uses to protect its interests.

"If you listen out for it you’ll hear, quite regularly, lines of
questioning being cut off with these words. “Commercially sensitive” means
the same as but sounds much better than “secret”. “Commercially sensitive”
suggests that revealing facts and figures might damage the  business in
question and thus, somehow, somewhere down the line, damage the interests
of ordinary people like you and me.

"Pretence that private business interests are identical with the interests
of workers requires constant. . .

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