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Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 01:57:53 MDT 2018

This goes to the heart of a serious contradiction in Australian politics.
Economically Australia is dependent on China. Militarily it is linked to
Washington. That military link is designed to protect Australia from the
ancient fear of the Yellow Peril (historically China but also Japan in
WW2). But the entry of the UK into then Common Market (later ERU) forced an
economic turn to China that was strongest during the normative phase of
neoliberal globalization (1989-2008). Somehow Australia was able to manage
the contradiction of military loyalty to the USA and ever growing economic
dependence on China.

But we are going now thorugh what Koselleck called a "saddle time" when the
structure and content of the post neoliberal paradigm is being determined.

Fate has deigned to decree that during this period of struggle and
uncertainty the most militarily powerful nation in the world is led by a
dangerous unpredictable moron. It is unclear, to me at least, what the
Trump project actually means. Bannon appeared to want a war with China and
it may be that in Washington the Trump forces may be able to provoke a
conflict with China. The tariffs that Trump is imposing would seem to point
in that direction.

What will Australia do?  Will we follow the flag and join the fake "freedom
of navigation" struggle and send a warship to confront the Chinese?  In
part we are a white colonial settler nation still that has exchanged the
USA as mother country for the UK. And the logic of that relationship is
that we join the drift to war. Certainly Australia has fought in all of the
USA's wars since WW2.

But Chinese money, trade and investment count.  Well let's hope they do and
that the desperadoes who want war will be marginalised. But I have to say
that with the appointment of John Bolton things are not looking good.



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> My friend David Brophy comments on Sinophobia.
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