[Marxism] Cricket, lovely cricket was at Newlands when I saw it...

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 18:39:29 MDT 2018

I have been a fanatical cricket follower since 1957 - a long time and
though recently my fanaticism has waned and weakened somewhat, last night I
sat up to watch the test match between Australia and South Africa into the
early hours of the morning.  While I nodded nearly napping suddenly I
noticed the camera focus on the pocket and crotch of one of the Aussie
teams - young Cameron Bancroft.

In brief he was trying to scratch the ball on one side while keeping the
other side smooth.  This is the recipe for what is called reverse swing -
the balll moves and the batsmen can be beaten. The action is illegal and is
regarded as cheating.

Everything Bancroft did was captured on the big screen.  We all saw him
loosen his belt and put the offending object used to roughen up the ball in
his under pants.  It was as if a naughty school boy was trapped smoking and
put the joint in his undies.

Well I thought to myself as I went to bed 'Will this be a bgi thing or a
trivial thing?'

My last post was about how we in Australia may be drawn into nucear
conflict beause of the looming USA-China conflict. Given the coverage in
the news, one would think that is a minor matter.  But sport is of another
dimension for Australians.  It is the source of Utopian dreams and
compensation for the shitty lives we lead.

Australians take their sporting dreams more seriously than political
reality. Transgressions are not easily forgiven and it looks like we have a
major incident. The Australian Board of Control meets later on today and
they will be forced, I think, to take action against the Captain, Steve
Smith, who sanctioned the cheating.

Money has flooded into cricket and it has destroyed what used to be known
as the spirit of cricket - its ethos or ethics. Australia has led the way
in the persoanal abuse of opponents and it would seem that generally
Australian players are unloved outside of Australia. I keep thinking of
Marx's great lines *'All* that is solid melts into air, *all that is holy
is profaned*, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his
real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.'

My comment on this has always been that we kick against the pricks and
refuse to face with sober senses that our dreams are compensations and that
capitalism ruins everything - even cricket, lovely cricket.



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