[Marxism] "Know your place!" - a new generation of working class voices

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 07:20:45 MDT 2018

The contributors to *Know Your Place* don’t seem confident in that older
definition of entitlement. They have little sense of agency or the ability
to resist change or improve their circumstances big and small. I think this
reflects a generational shift: many of the contributors to the collection
are relatively young, most, I think, in their twenties or thirties. Apart
from making me feel old, this generation gap illustrates just how many
working-class people now feel isolated. Unlike the men I worked with, who
expected their lives to improve, these younger people have only experienced
things being taken away or eroded overtime. They don’t have the positive
experiences of class, what I describe as the ‘hidden rewards of class’.
They have little hope that things could improve or that welfare policies
and tax regimes could begin to benefit the less well-off in society.


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