[Marxism] To combat left anti-semitism, Corbynism must change the way it sees the world

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 11:51:57 MDT 2018

True, but there isn't much one can do when these kinds of propagandists are
looking for "anti-Semitism," particularly when they've cast a wide net. For
one, even where left groups have published people who have issued
anti-Semitic commentary (like Atzmon and Shamir) the response and process
of disowning is much stronger than, say, Islamophobic rhetoric which is
also found regularly in "left" scholarship. In other cases the impression
of anti-Semitism is all that is needed, such as in the hoaxes about
Palestine student organizations at US campuses. Even where there is no
ammunition, they will fabricate it. That is why these
exaggerated/fabricated campaigns about left anti-Semitism should be
understood not as a simple rhetorical issue but as one that deals
fundamentally with anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism among leftists/social
democrats in the US and Europe.

Amith R. Gupta

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