[Marxism] "Tolerating racism"

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 29 08:41:47 MDT 2018

On 2018-03-29 15:04, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:

> anti-Semitism is treated exceptionally on the left while other forms of
> racism are tolerated

Whoa! I don't if that is the case at all, but I DO know that if some 
racism is being "tolerated," the obviously the response isn't to permit 
racism generally but to stop tolerating ANY racism! How could one 
possibly use the (alleged) tolerating of racism to justify the extension 
of that (alleged) toleration to ALL racism?!

Sorry to have to point out the obvious to everyone. But I still can 
hardly believe someone on this list would actually write such a 

- Jeff

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