[Marxism] Think Big Socialism and the Spectre of Degrowth: The Ghost of Progress (Part I) – ENTITLE blog – a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:42:36 MDT 2018

The article argues that the failure to include the concept of "Degrowth" as
a flaw. It  seems to offer only a surface critique of the Jacobin's
excellent issue on the question of development and defense of our ecology.
Perhaps Part II will delve into this a bit more.

Most of the "ecoloigical socialists"  (*Kohei Saito*, *John Bellamy Foster*,
etc) argue they don't support "Degrowth" (the extreme, *reactionary*
perspective that we all need to be poorer and not unleash the forces of
production...) but an ecologically friendly steady-state economy.

The question is then poised as to what kind of development. Perhaps the
author in Part II will offer an explanation.


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