[Marxism] To combat left anti-semitism, Corbynism must change the way it sees the world

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Thu Mar 29 10:50:15 MDT 2018

Also, last point stemming from my experiences as an organizer: There is
something incredibly damaging about people who make public speeches arguing
that Zionism and BDS are compatible. This kind of commentary isn't usually
a whitewash of Zionism (as Sheldon intends). Rather, it is usually an
ultra-left attack on BDS. The BDS Movement has come under immense strain
from other segments of Palestinian society for allegedly "selling out,"
specifically because the BDS Movement quite minimally calls for a form of
non-violent resistance to Israeli apartheid using liberal human rights
discourse. Because the BDS Movement does not take stronger stances or
articulate a more extreme nationalist, many hardliners in the Palestinian
community in America and elsewhere have alleged that it is "going soft" and
that they should not rally around the BDS Call. That might sound irrelevant
but it can drain the movement of necessary communal support.

To publicly advocate that BDS does not challenge Zionism, let alone that it
is *compatible* with Zionism, may as well be an attack on the BDS Movement.
That is the kind of "support" Sheldon is giving to a movement made up of
people whose basic rights he regards as "tricky," before reassuring himself
that it's all right because the rights won't be implemented or exercised.
This is a problem, obviously.

Amith R. Gupta

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 12:25 PM, A.R. G <amithrgupta at gmail.com> wrote:

> "You don't like the fact that the BDS demands are compatible with
> Democratic Zionism?  Too bad."
> Comrades should know, of course, the BDS demands are totally incompatible
> with Zionism, as is democracy. Here is the original 2005 BDS statement:
> https://bdsmovement.net/call. Sheldon Ranz' bigotry closely resembles the
> kind of whitewash that Theodore Herzl tried to present to dishonestly build
> support from leftists while privately being unabashed about his desire to
> colonize land. As comrades can see from Sheldon Ranz other post
> explaining his ideology <http://socialistcurrents.org/?p=2914>, the
> reason he thinks BDS liberalism is compatible with his racist ideology is
> for the same reason he thinks his racist ideology is liberal. These are the
> ideas that are taught in Israeli government-sponsored civics classes. It is
> complete nonsense. It is like someone arguing that white supremacy is
> compatible with Martin Luther King by sanitizing white supremacy as a
> liberal idea.
> And of course, despite Sheldon's bizarre comments it is important for
> comrades to call out those who put themselves in charge of leaderless
> movements.There is absolutely nothing supportive about Sheldon's
> statements. They are openly racist. They defend the rights of Palestinians
> by saying they won't actually be implemented. Even assuming that it is true
> as a strategic matter, there is absolutely no reason that someone on the
> Left, let alone someone involved with the Palestine solidarity movement,
> should be validating the notion that there is something wrong with
> Palestinians returning to present-day Israel. Imagine someone who puts
> himself in charge of the immigrants rights movement and then gives speeches
> saying "Don't worry immigrants won't actually come here so go ahead and
> keep being xenophobic, it's totally fine". That is quite literally what
> Sheldon argues about the "tricky" demand that Palestinians be entitled to
> return to their own lands without being stopped by a colonial border.
> Those of you who followed the controversy about the Chicago Dyke March
> know that it was, in fact, slanderous, as I documented here:
> http://mondoweiss.net/2017/07/semitism-disproved-accounts/
> We should question why someone who pretends to support Palestine as a
> "Zionist" would defend the smears of a self-declared pro-Israel lobbyist
> who has literally done the same thing multiple times. For example, the
> woman who lied about the Chicago Dyke March also falsely claimed that
> leftists disrupted a Jewish prayer service when they actually disrupted a
> pro-Israel lobbying reception: https://jqyouth.
> blogspot.com/2016/01/jqy-at-national-lgbtq-creating-change.html
> Whether it comes from active Zionist advocates or Zionist "allies" like
> Sheldon Ranz, it should be rejected. I don't even know why I would have to
> argue this on a Marxist list-serv. Zionists are not friends of the left,
> they are racist poison and if Sheldon's comments about Palestinians had
> been made about Jews there would be no ambiguity about how unwelcome he
> should be.
> Amith R. Gupta
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>> On 3/29/18 10:06 AM, Sheldon Ranz via Marxism wrote:
>>> Louis Proyect and I have both pointed out in past threads here your, to
>>> put
>>> it charitably, hostile attitudes toward Jews.
>> Huh? I did no such thing.
>> Frankly, my only concern about Mear One's mural is not that the threat it
>> poses to the Jews but to the left. I get angry over Corbyn's lack of
>> defense, to put it into a sports context, not over his supposedly
>> encouraging pogroms. If you really want to understand what anti-Semitism
>> can do, go see the movie "A Bag of Marbles" about 2 boys who denied being
>> Jewish during the Vichy regime.
>> My main interest is in building the left. That is why I write criticisms
>> of ultraleftism, such as embodied in the "punch a Nazi" tropes or George
>> C-M's appearances on the Tucker Carlson show.
>> I am absolutely in favor of Corbyn becoming the Prime Minister of
>> England. Anything that gets in the way has to be moved aside. He has
>> surrounded himself with the conspiracy-mongering louts of the Stop the War
>> Coalition. They are not acting as the proper antenna he needs to ward off
>> these threats. In fact, they serve as blinders.
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