[Marxism] "Tolerating racism"

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 13:16:09 MDT 2018

This is turning into a pile-up, which is what I assume is the purpose of
yet another new thread without originals.

I disagreed with Phil Giraldi's piece that got him fired from The American
Conservative. He shouldn't have written it.

The nonsense about IAK was exactly that, nonsense. I maintain my position.
Louis has already banned discussion about this topic because trolls turn it
into a never-ending back and forth.

In any case, the charge about tolerating racism, as I originally phrased
it, before Jeff took it out of context, was this:

*that anti-Semitism is treated exceptionally on the left while other forms
of racism are tolerated, and much if not all of the fuss is itself rooted
in anti-Arab bigotry.*

The mere fact that Steve (and Sheldon and Jeff) are going to these lengths
to drudge up old feuds (IAK; the Chicago Dyke March; etc etc) is proof of
my point. They are exaggerating anti-Semitism and going to great lengths to
find it while downplaying anti-Arab sentiment (such as by defending or
believing in the trash that Sheldon has posted). Should be straightforward.

Amith R. Gupta

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> The charge about tolerating racism by the left should also be aimed at
> A.R.G. himself. His support for Alison Weir and her blog (IAK, for
> shorthand) and her other pet project, the CNI, whose executive director is
> Philip Giraldi - recently bounced by (of all websites!) The American
> Conservative for his article entitled "American Jews are driving America's
> Wars" at the UNZ website. Amith - have you distanced yourself from this
> blatant anti-semitism?  Why, or why not?
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