[Marxism] New Zealand: neo-colony or junior imperialist

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 08:57:10 MDT 2018

An issue which bedvils the NZ left.  Even people who argue that it is
imperialist often *act politically* as if they were in a neo-colony. . .

"In early 2003, huge demonstrations took place around the world against the
threatened invasion of Iraq. On February 15, something like one in ten
people in Spain took to the streets in the mass protests. In Australia
about 1 in 18 people participated. In New Zealand, only about 1 in 380

"It could be argued, of course, that Spain is historically much more
political a country than New Zealand, and this is no doubt true. However,
the New Zealand marches were still tiny compared to those in the country we
are most like historically – Australia.

"There are probably several reasons why the protests in New Zealand were
relatively small compared with abroad. One is. . ."

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