[Marxism] Zionism, racism etc

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 09:56:37 MDT 2018

Amith wrote:
"anti-Semitism is treated exceptionally on the left while other forms
of racism are tolerated, and much if not all of the fuss is itself rooted
in anti-Arab bigotry."


" They are exaggerating anti-Semitism and going to great lengths to
find it while downplaying anti-Arab sentiment. . . Should be

Spot on Amith.

Since the Israeli state has lost the sympathy of people all over the world
there has been a frantic effort to associate anti-Zionism and anti-semitism.

The behaviour of the Israeli state is the *perfectly logical consequence*
of Zionism.  You can't dispossess the Palestinians and then establish a
liberal, inclusive democracy for all.  The state is going to be, and can
only be, what it is.  There is no democratic Zionism and there can't be.

I doubt Tony Greenstein is overly upset by some of the things he has been
called by a few people here, as he has been on the receiving end of much
worlse over the years because he is a staunch anti-racist, anti-imperialist
and anti-Zionist.  The notion that he is at all anti-gay, misogynist and
anti-semitic is simply risible.

As for "Zio". . .  It is a *political* designation - and it is a political
designation of an *oppressor* state and an *oppressor* ideology, so not in
any way comparable to racist terms used to describe Afro-Americans (an
*oppressed* people).

I am behind in reading Digests, so have only just caught up with this
discussion.  It seems to me that Amith has simply defended what has been
the standard *basic* anti-imperialist position in relation to Israel and
Zionism and anti-Arab bigotry.  It should be ABC on a Marxist list.


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