[Marxism] Zionism, racism, anti-semitism etc

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 10:51:49 MDT 2018

Sheldon Ranz wrote:
"Anyone who ever calls me 'Zio' to my face will receive the same physical
response a white man would if he calls an African-American the N word.
This is not open for debate."

Ah, so this is *Democratic Zionism*!

You pretend the word 'Zio', a political designation, is the same as racist
words used to keep Afro-Americans down and then threaten violence against
people who don't accept your conflation of your experience in US society
with the Afro-American experience in US society.

Sheldon, when attempting to draw analogies it is actually useful to compare
like with like.  Your experience in US society is nothing like the
historical (and contemporary) black experience in the US; thus your
comparison of 'Zio' with racist terms used to keep down Afro-Americans is,
to put it kindly, wrong.

I was a zionist until I was about 16 and wised up about Israel and its
inevitable nature and changed sides.  Maybe there's hope for you yet,
although the signs certainly aren't encouraging.

Also, in case you hadn't noticed, there is a whole big world outside the
United States.  The vast majority of the people on the planet have never
heard of David Duke, let alone what words you claim he invented or cornered
the market on and patented.  Anti-imperialists in various countries are
going to use the word 'Zio', just like anti-racists use the word 'cracker',
to describe the same fundamental mentality - crackers are racist against
Afro-Americans, zios are racist against Palestinians.


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