[Marxism] Opposing the existence of Israel is fundamental

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 11:00:52 MDT 2018

"In recent years events such as the 2008/9 brutal invasion and occupation
of Gaza, the blockade on the area and the murderous attack on an aid convoy
have raised, yet again, the question of the nature of the Israeli state.
The issue is raised among the wider population watching coverage of these
events and also poses an important issue for activists concerned with
justice for the Palestinians.  For instance, in New Zealand, many, if not
most, such activists currently don’t openly support an end to the Israeli
state itself but, rather, negotiations between the Israeli state and the
Palestinian Authority to establish two states.  Israel is seen as behaving
very badly but this line of thought is not pursued to the logical end that
such behaviour is inescapable given the nature of the establishment and
development of the Israeli state.

"This liberal approach. . ."

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