[Marxism] 1. Re: Gun rights are about keeping white men on top - The Washington Post (DW)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 17:26:30 MDT 2018

[thanks for the props for the MIA it is my only real political activity of
late that has real meaning and consequence for me].

So...I think you are mixing metaphors. If only the movement of the students
in parkland would *focus* on BLM and police violence. While they (BLM
activists) are certainly welcomed and had a few speakers, the issue for the
gun control movement has zero...zero to do with cop violence. If you would
respond to what I actually wrote, that would be swell. Gun control, as we
know it, unfortunately, won't effect the cops anymore than it will "white
men". The movement to restrict gun ownership is and will rapidly turn into
a movement to, as Emma Gonzalez noted, to "punish politicians who receive
money from the NRA". She's honest in her approach, but it leads to the
Democrats being the party of gun control (and in support of the cops, I
might add) and no doubt the movement will continue it's course into the
party of Imperialism and global violence.


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