[Marxism] Democatic Zionism = massacre of Palestinians

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 22:27:20 MDT 2018

The real face of Zionism is bared at the prison fence that is used against
the Palestinians of the Gaza strip.

The latest report I have seen says that 17  have been killed and thousands
injured by tank, drone and gunfire from "democratic Zionists".

This is just the start of a 6 week campaign leading up to the re-siting of
the US embassy to Jerusalem in May under the orders of the monster Trump.
It is hard to know how much Palestinian blood will be spilt in the
celebration carried on by the "democratic Zionists."

I support the BDS campaign as a solidarity with the Palestinian people in
their inspirational struggle against Zionism and for a unified Palestinian
state from the river to the sea.

I have not previously heard the term zio but on its face I don't
particularly like it I prefer to call things what they are and the enemy is
Zionism and therefore Zionists particularly weasel "democratic" Zionists.

That struggle includes the rejection and repulsion of anti-Semitism as well
as the fraudulent attempt to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

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