[Marxism] The DSA and the Democratic Party

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue May 1 13:14:25 MDT 2018

A few months ago, Gayle McGloughlin spoke at a meeting on "independent
politics" sponsored by several "socialist" groups here in Oakland.
McGloughlin said that she plans to base her campaign organizationally on
Sanders' "Our Revolution" groups throughout the state. In other words,
organizationally she is tying herself to the "left" wing of the Democratic
Party. And since she is not explaining the class nature of that party, nor
the need for a working class party, her campaign serves as a conduit into
the Democrats.

The other candidate out here that should be mentioned is Jovanka Beckles,
who like McGloughlin, comes from the Richmond Progressive Alliance. Beckles
is running for state representative as a Democrat.

The current leadership of East Bay DSA maneuvered an endorsement for both
these candidates and is organizing all-out support for them. When you
combine this with their uncritical support for the proposal of the liberal
Democrats in California to create a state-wide health insurance plan, and
their uncritical support for the call to end the state wide ban on local
rent control, you can see where this is heading. No, I take that back;
where it's already gone to. As far as these two issues, one of the main
points is that the Democrats will not pass either of these. It is strictly
bait for the hook, and the current East Bay DSA leadership is trolling that
hook in the waters, attracting as many fish as it can.

One sign of hope is that five members from an opposition slate just got
elected to the new leadership.

John Reimann
Oakland CA

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