[Marxism] Another May Day

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue May 1 17:32:08 MDT 2018

Mark Lause wrote

I haven’t decided yet whether to accept the invitation by text message 
to participate in the local May Day activities. I have been to so many 
depressingly small affairs . . . “small but spirited,” as they used to 
say in the Socialist Workers Party whenever that organization sponsored 
something that flopped colossally. They usually end with a closed circle 
of believers in which whatever militancy present is safely channeled 
into “witnessing” to each other as to their faith.

Workers in the US, the belly of the beast, aren't going to produce much 
in the way of sustained, game-changing protest for the time being. 
Anyone doubting what the prospects are in the rest of the world would do 
well to read John Smith's book Imperialism in the 21st Century.

I received this message today from John:

MayDay greetings to y'all
MayDay lives! - and nowhere more than in revolutionary Cuba! Today, 6 
million Cubans (/c. //half of the entire population!!!/) joined MayDay 
demonstrations across the island, according to the CTC (Cuba's trade 
union federation). 

¡revolución o muerte!

I join in his message. And having been raised in the pieties, I recall a 
line from the Book of Common Prayer, which can be translated to fit the 
sorry scene in the US at the present time: "Whenever two or three are 
gathered together in thy name [read revolution] thou wilt grant their 
request." Even of you're the only one there. Because, unlike the guy in 
the comic strip with the white beard and white gown holding the sign : 
"The end is coming!" we happen to be exactly right. And we have comrades 
all over the globe who know that better than we ever will. Damn straight 
another MayDay. "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

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