[Marxism] PKK’s message for May 1 and a “united struggle against fascism”

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed May 2 06:09:31 MDT 2018

It was interesting being in Kreuzberg, Berlin last night, where in spite 
of the banning of PKK symbols there was impressive solidarity from 
thousands marching through the traditionally Turkish neighborhoods... 
and not much else to report as unlike past years, no widespread violence 
occurred, just small flashpoints involving an antifascist black bloc and 
autonomists... auf deutsch: 

On 2018/05/02 01:30 PM, RKOB via Marxism wrote:
> Unsurprisingly, this PKK May Day statement talks about the Middle East 
> but manages not to mention the U.S., Russia, Assad or imperialism even 
> a single time! This reflects the PKK's leadership dirty realpolitik 
> towards the imperialist Great Powers and the Assad regime.

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