[Marxism] “Could You Do Any Better Than We Did?” | Boston Review

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 2 07:25:56 MDT 2018

It was inevitable that William Vollmann would eventually write about 
climate change. As a journalist and essayist, Vollmann has reported on 
war, prostitution, and train-hopping. He has penned a 7-volume treatise 
on justifications of violence, a 1,300-page investigation of Imperial 
County, California, and a study of Japanese Noh theater. As a novelist, 
he has described the European encounter with Native Americans in his 
Seven Dreams series and examined the Eastern Front of World War II in 
Europe Central, which won the 2005 National Book Award.

Now, drawing on his longstanding preoccupations with individual morality 
in the face of historical upheaval and the interaction between humans 
and the environment, he has written Carbon Ideologies, a two-part 
examination of global warming and why we cannot seem to do anything to 
address it.


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