[Marxism] PKK’s message for May 1 and a “united struggle against fascism”

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Thu May 3 00:15:22 MDT 2018

What a depth of thought of a dabbling duck! Obviously, Green Left Weekly 
sees no limits for its uncritical praise of the pro-US, 
Stalinist-nationalist PKK! In your admiration for the Öcalanists you 
close your eyes to what the PKK is saying and doing.

Take the PKK May Day statement which GLW distributed without any 
critical comment. The PKK writes:

“/In the face of this democratic revolutionary development in Kurdistan, 
Turkey and the Middle East, the AKP-MHP fascism has risen up in attack 
in the name of all despotic and regressive forces. The AKP-MHP fascism’s 
animosity against the Kurdish people and intent to enact a Kurdish 
genocide has very clearly turned into an animosity against democracy, 
peoples and workers. When this government that is an enemy to democracy 
is defeated, the greatest obstacle on the path to a democratic 
revolution in Turkey and the whole of the Middle East will be lifted, 
and the age of democracy will begin in the Middle East for the peoples. 
AKP-MHP fascism right now is a force against democracy never before seen 
in Turkey or the Middle East/.”

So it is not U.S. or Russian imperialism, it is not the Zionist 
Apartheid Israel, it is not Assad the Butcher, but the Erdoğan regime 
which is “the greatest obstacle” in “the whole of the Middle East”! 
Naturally, with such an analysis the PKK leadership is legitimizing its 
alliances with Assad and U.S. imperialism.

Another interesting aspect, which the GLW is either ignoring or covering 
up, is the PKK’s electoral tactic. The PKK statement says, under the 

“/An election will be held in Turkey on June 24. The choice won’t be 
among individuals on June 24, it will be between opening the path to 
democratization or fortifying the dictatorship and seeing it more 
aggressive. In this sense, all forces of democracy need to have a common 
stance against the AKP-MHP fascism. June 24 elections will also be a 
platform for the struggle for democracy against fascism. Kurds, as 
always, will actively participate in this platform for democracy against 
fascism and dictatorship/.”

This is nothing but a call for electoral support for the opposition 
alliance dominated by the right-wing, bourgeois parties CHP and Iyi 
Party (a split from the extreme right-wing MHP). Again, this is not 
surprising given the Stalinist stagiest, popular front tradition of the PKK.

It is telling that GLW has dropped its Trotskyist past to such a degree 
that it has become uncritical cheerleaders of such a disgusting outfit 
as the PKK!

Am 03.05.2018 um 02:41 schrieb Nick Fredman:
> Not only that the dirty anarcho-liberals don't mention even once 
> Hassan Rouhani of Iran, Fuad Masum of Iraq, Masoud Barzani of the 
> KRG, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian 
> Authority, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani 
> of Qatar or even Malcolm Turnball of Australia. Obviously uniting the 
> Turkish left in mass struggle against their own state is fake 
> opportunist cover for their dirty realpolitik alliance with all these 
> forces.
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>     Unsurprisingly, this PKK May Day statement talks about the Middle
>     East but manages not to mention the U.S., Russia, Assad or
>     imperialism even a single time! This reflects the PKK's leadership
>     dirty realpolitik towards the imperialist Great Powers and the
>     Assad regime.
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