[Marxism] [UCE] Douma and Guernica

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Thu May 3 11:45:24 MDT 2018

Here is an article explaining how reports on the fascist bombing of
Guernica, Spain, were manufactured. It has very clear echoes for today:

"EIGHT DAYS AFTER the attack, when fascist forces occupying Guernica had
removed evidence of German munitions and filled in craters, foreign
journalists were taken on a guided press tour of the town. Like some
Western reporters taken to Douma last month under Russian military escort,
many of the reporters who visited Guernica with Spanish fascists in 1937
duly filed reports casting the cause of its destruction as a possibly
unsolvable mystery.

"A Times of London correspondent embedded with fascist forces, James
Holburn, reported after the fascist-led tour of Guernica that he had been
unable to find the expected signs of heavy bombardment there and blamed
fire for most of the damage. What Holburn seemed unaware of was that, as
his colleague Steer had already reported, the German and Italian pilots who
destroyed the town had dropped a large number of incendiary bombs — several
of which, bearing German markings, had failed to explode and were seen by
Steer and three other reporters in Guernica on the night of the attack"

Robert Fisk: The James Holborn of today.

It is not simply a matter of Douma and Assad; it's a matter of political
method. The people who fall for the modern day James Holborn's will never
get any complex issue right.


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