[Marxism] Korea: An Alternative History

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Fri May 4 06:02:51 MDT 2018

The book about Korea better honestly discuss the nature of the regime
imposed by Kim Il Sung.   Just because the right-wing government imposed by
the United States in 1945 was oppressive and opposed by large numbers of
Korean patriots who provided dramatic resistance to the government of
"South" Korea before the commencement of hostilities in 1950, that does not
automatically turn Kim Il Sung into some kind of democratic socialist
visionary --- And once the Korean armistice was signed, the nature of both
regimes changed.  Today, South Korea may be capitalist but it has a vibrant
politically competitive society and has become pretty successful
economically.   Meanwhile, the North, after some promising beginnings in
the immediate postwar period, stagnated dramatically -- leading to, yes,
widespread starvation and serious underdevelopment -- not to mention a
truly totalitarian regime.

By the way -- does anyone remember the three volume work that was sold all
over the American Left (with front page ads in The Guardian and elsewhere)
during the late 1960s --- KIM IL SUNG: A political biography (authored by a
fictitious writer [probably Kim himself] named Boik Bong)?

That book was able to describe the Korean War without ONCE mentioning that
Chinese troops helped the DPRK forces fight the U.S> and its allies in the
U.N. to a standstill -- how's that for "re-writing history"?

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